Manage Security Services

MITSERI is a leading managed security service provider (MSSP) that specializes in mitigating advanced threats on your IT Environments. We provide security solutions such as incident response, intrusion detection, and penetration testing to ensure compliance with regulatory mandates and industry standards.

Diligence takes focused, day-to-day management and real-time monitoring. With today’s typical IT staff fully engaged in meeting core business needs, that’s a tall order.

MITSERI can help relieve the burden of security monitoring. We are security experts that provide web-based intelligent audit forms, flexible scheduling, custom workflows, corrective actions, case management, powerful reporting, and insightful analytics - engineered for the most robust and demanding custom programs.

Ever-evolving threats of information security breaches demand smarter and more responsive managed security services. MITSERI offers industry-leading technology and expertise to help secure your information and assets around the clock, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources.


What we manage

Next-gen SIEM platform (Cloud and/or On Premise)
Highest standard of threat intelligence
Entity analysis and predictive threat management
Endpoints threat detection response, remediation and protections
Networks Behaviour Analytics and Detections
Real-time Static and Binary Analysis (SANDBOX) Threat Hunt
sophisticated threat triage & response module (SOAR)